Application for Appliance Exemption under the Clean Air Act

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To ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible, please provide the following information/documents and indicate how you will provide them to us. You may upload documents online, send by email or put paper documents in the post. Please indicate here how you will send the documents. Those selected as being sent online will be requested once you press the [Submit] button.

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Technical drawings of the appliance(s) (See Note 1)  
Manuals (installation, operation, maintenance) (See Note 1)  
Appliance CE Label information (Image or information)
Test reports including particulate emissions tests (See Note 2)
Accreditation certificates if test reports submitted (See Note 3)
Pictures and/or brochures of the appliance

Notes about the options above:
Note 1: These are required
Note 2: Test report(s) for the appliance or range of appliances (or identical appliance(s)) required before completion of application.
Note 3: These are required if test reports submitted


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