Find authorised fuels

Fuels are authorised separately in the different countries of the UK as follows:

In England these are authorised by publication of this list by the Secretary of State in accordance with changes made to sections 20 and 21 of the Clean Air Act 1993 by section 15 of the Deregulation Act 2015.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland these are authorised by regulations made by Scottish Ministers, Welsh Ministers and by the Department of the Environment respectively.

You can search for a particular manufacturer or fuel using the search tool on each of the pages above.

Advice: there are safety risks from incorrect storage of fuels. All users should check with their supplier how to store fuel safely.

If you are a fuel manufacturer, importer or distributor, find out how to apply for authorisation.

This website will be updated to include latest fuels information as and when it becomes available.

This section was last updated: 24/09/2015